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Psychotherapy and coaching,  based in mindful empathy and compassion; for individuals, families, and couples

“There are tremendous benefits that arise from mindfulness practice, but it works precisely because we don’t try to attain benefit. Instead, we befriend ourselves as we are. We learn how to drop in on ourselves, visit, and hang out in awareness.”—Jon Kabat-Zinn

With an extensive background in counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy, Jane Biondi empowers individuals, families, and couples in relationships to overcome personal challenges, by helping them recognize and understand negative behavior patterns. Understanding the whole person; intellectual self, emotional self, physical body and spiritual essence are key in achieving healthy communication, personal growth and an integrated way of being in the world.  Jane's approach is creative, and eclectic; encompassing years of varied professional experiences, ranging from school counseling in the public schools, private practice psychotherapy, life and executive coaching, and teaching The Hoffman Process, a 6 ½ day residential retreat.

Jane has  special areas of interest  in helping young adults, individuals, couples in relationships: both personal and professional, and  business executives.  She also has many years of experience in working with family members of LGBTQ folks.  Her counseling experience spans nearly 30 years of counseling and coaching, both in Madison, WI, and Marin County, California.

   Jane has degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in Psychology and Counseling Psychology and is a licensed Professional Counselor.

She is also a Certified Life Coach, through IPEC.

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